Olive Oil has plenty other health benefits, such as repariring your damaged hair! It helps defrizz and strengthen hair preventing splitting. It even is useful in preventing hair loss!


Olive Oil  when used in cooking it can also can help remedy constipation because it is rich in iron, vitamens and antioxidents which help digestion, and protects the colon.  It helps reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol.


What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil? The best Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unrefined, meaning that absolutely no chemical or heat is used to extract the oil from the fruit. This means that the oil is unaltered, allowing it to retain its strong olive scent, and deep greenish golden color. The best Extra Virgin Olive Oil are produced by equally great trees. The Olea europaea - the botanical name for the small, ever green Olive tree - can grow up to 20 feet with thin branches and 2 1/4 inches long, acute, smooth leaves. The bark is pale grey and the flowers numerous, small and creamy white in color. The oil filled, single seed, fleshy inside of the drupe dark purple Olive fruit is about 3/4 inch long, is the the source of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Olive trees were part of human life, as shown by some of the oldest recorded manuscripts. It was mentioned in holy texts such as the Bible, where the oil is used to symbolize goodness, purity, while the Olive tree is symbolizes peace and happiness. The oil is still used in many religions for appointments/anointments. Historically the Olive tree grows abundantly in Asia Minor and Mediterranean countries, but is is also cultivated in and Syria, Chile, Peru, and South Australia. Only the very best Extra Olive Oil is trusted by many personal and industrial manufactures!